Wednesday, July 31, 2013

monthly materials madness. {freebie}

So I went up to my sweet little preschool the other day to do a bit of project collecting - seeing which bulletin boards needed re-covering, what needed to be organized {shocker}, what needed new labels {double shocker} - you know the drill. Truthfully, even with all of my furniture haphazardly shoved into one half of my room while the floors were being waxed, the room was looking pretty good! I was starting to get super excited! That is, until I found this:

Innocent little drawer system, right?  From what I can tell, this was the previous teacher's main storage system for all of her curricular materials for the year. I had to hand it to her - it was labeled by month and looked fairly "put together". To the naked eye, it seemed like a sweet, little filing cabinet that was full of preschool goodness.

Minor problem: the drawers didn't open. And this is why:

Serioulsy?! Once I finally managed to get the stinking drawer open, stuff literally popped out all over the place! Turkey tracers, ocean border, leaf cutouts, apple books. I mean...

For about .085 seconds, I was wigging out. How in the free world was I supposed to use this stuff?! But then, I realized that I had absolutely zero reason to be wigged - this was CLEARLY a divinely inspired opportunity to use binders....and labels....and envelopes....THANK YOU, JESUS!

So, for the next 8 hours (yes, 8 hours), I went through each and every drawer, pulling out every single tracer, cornucopia, and Easter egg, grouping all of the items that were alike and all of the items used for monthly and seasonal projects. Eventually, I had manila envelopes full of project materials, monthly di-cuts, etc. all grouped by month. Oh, the angels are about to start singing!

Once grouped by month and labeled with sticky notes, I then started creating monthly binder and spine covers and cute labels for each envelope {duh}. After labeling the envelopes and placing them in their respective monthly binders, the angels were singing a full-on Hallelujah chorus!

And no binder is complete without a good spine label!

So that I can pull them quickly and easily from their shelf in my classroom!

Thank you, Lord, for fabulous reasons to organize and label!

Not wanting y'all to miss out on the organizing fun, I have uploaded my binder and spine covers to TPT for you to download FOR FREE!

All of the months have a themed cover and a spine label!

So get on out there and find a tragically hopeless filing cabinet in need of a little labeling TLC, y'all! 


  1. Tech Question: How do you get the adorable frames on your labels? I have been googling away and still have no answer... :(


  2. The scroll frames are by Creative Clips - she is on TPT and is FABULOUS!!!

  3. I love your binder covers. Thank you for sharing! I made some, but yours are way cuter.