Thursday, July 11, 2013

girl in the tree house. {office revamp, part one}

As I told y'all the other day, our office recently underwent a small transformation to allow me to do a bit more work from home without cramping the Mr.'s style too badly. Despite my tireless efforts to keep the office appealing to both the male and female inhabitants, I concede that I may have allowed my fondness for all things shiny and gold to take the reins a bit in this space. But just a bit. Certainly not enough to force Mr. Spouse to call this little projecto "The Girl in the Tree House" room, right? #youbethejudge

We started off with the Mr.'s office looking very Don Draper-esque with his roll top desk, Yankee paraphernalia, Chesterfield sofa, and bar cart.

In order for the two of us to be able to work in the office at the same time, we knew that we were going to have to ditch the roll top {#thankscraigslist} and find a larger, more open workspace. You'll be shocked, SHOCKED to hear that I went to Ikea to find said workspace. At the Swedish haven, I snagged two Lerberg Trestle legs... well as two (yes, two) 47 1/4" long Linnmon table tops in high gloss white.
We went with two table tops so that we would have a nice, long, 94" desktop/workspace - plenty of room for two computers, two work areas...and a girl in the tree house. 

You may have noticed I only bought two legs for our extra-long table! That's because I wanted to use these as the center "brace" of the table:

Cute, right?! Stop being jealous. I really wanted to bring our filing cabinets out of one of our closets and into the office so that they'd be easier to access, thereby encouraging me to file away important paper a bit more frequently than once every 8 months. #truestory The only problem was that the filing cabinets were 3 inches shorter than the trestle legs I bought at Ikea. If I wanted these filing cabinets to help support my table tops, I needed everything to be the same height. Solution?

Eight 2x2s lovingly cut by the gentlemen at Home Depot to 3 inch lengths. Supplies in hand, it was finally time to PAINT! I painted the body of the filing cabinets using some leftover white satin spray paint to give them a bit of a fresher look. I chose to spray paint the trestle legs from Ikea. the wooden blocks for the filing cabinets, and the filing cabinet's pulls in Rustoleum's "Gloss Gold".

Once the paint on the wooden blocks had dried, it was time to affix them to the bottom of the cabinets. For this, I used Loctite's Epoxy in the quick set formula so that the legs would be set after only ten minutes {instead of four hours}. 

I mixed the epoxy in a disposable plastic cup with a popsicle stick...

...and quickly applied a nickel-size amount to each of the four wooden blocks, then placed one wooden block on each corner of the filing cabinet.

While the legs were drying, I re-installed the newly painted gold pulls, and after letting the legs set for about an hour {just to be safe}, I moved those puppies inside!

I love the little pop of gold on the cabinet pulls and legs and trestle legs!

{sorry for the dark pictures, pals, the lighting in this room is a bit tricky for this non-photog}

To give us a bit of added storage {and for the chance to add just a bit more gold to the space}, we also bought a pair of the Vittsjo Shelving Units from Ikea...
...painted them in the same Rustoleum Gloss Gold, and loaded them up with the decor of our choice my choice. On my side, I put all of my writing and office supplies... well as my printer and Silhouette!

On the Mr.'s, I put his Yankee gear... well as his office supplies {oh, and MORE Yankee gear}!

So far, we are tickled, well, gold, over our new office space! I can't say that I mind being a girl in this tree house.

Next up, lighting! And oh, what a transformation we had!


  1. So...a confession. I read your ENTIRE blog last week. LOVE IT! (thank goodness I have free time in the summer...)