Wednesday, July 17, 2013

girl in the tree house. {office revamp, part two}

Now that the desk and storage areas of our office are complete, we needed a little zhushing {technical term} in the lighting and seating departments. We have overhead lighting in this room, but I did want to have a lamp on the desk as well. As far as seating goes, the Mr. had a fabulously masculine, leather executive chair in the office before, but I wanted to have a pair of less-machismo chairs for both of our work spaces. Not wanting to break the budget, I did a bit of shopping around our abode and found these:

The chairs were actually painted by my mom years ago {MOTY} and had been living in my classroom as my desk and carpet chairs. Their bright, happy patterns were perfect for a happy classroom, but not so ideal for a strapping husband's office chair. Now the lamp...oh the lamp....stop being so jealous of our lamp. Stop! This little treasure was one that came with the Mr. when I said "I do." This guy was purchased by Mr. Spouse when he was still Mr. Bachelor from one of those "buy the whole room" deals from Rooms to Go, or a store like that...and he was a TREASURE. Needless to say, all three of these pieces needed a little up-cycling if they were going to work in our office.

For the chairs, I decided to go with a high gloss white to keep the office nice and light, so I used a sander to take off the high gloss top coat from the chairs.

I then used Rustoleum's Gloss White along with some Penetrol to help reduce brush marks...

...and even after one coat, they were looking much more office-friendly.

I applied two more thin coats of the Gloss White to both chairs, let them dry for about 24 hours, and then placed them in the office where they now look all shiny and fabulous!

As for the lamp, I decided that a little spray paint and a new lampshade could do wonders for this guy. So, I taped off the cord and the sockets...

...and gave him a couple of thin coats with the same Rustoleum Gloss Gold I used on the file cabinet's hardware and Ikea shelves!

Oh, what a little gold can do for even the most depraved!

Check out how that chevron pattern on the base now completely pops! 

Lurvely. For the shade, my mom saved the day again by sharing a little secret with me: Lamps Plus. They have these fabulously classic, white, linen shades for only $25! Holy interior deliciousness, Batman!
So with his new paint job and his new hat, this little guy might have a chance of sticking around after all {no thanks to Rooms to Go}.

What I'm most thrilled about is that I only had to buy paint and a lamp shade to get two new chairs and a new metallic-chiq lamp for our office!

I would say, the girl in the tree house invasion is now complete.

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