Friday, April 26, 2013

two updated lesson plan templates.

Last year, I showed y'all how I lay out my lesson plans each week (right here). Along with that post, I offered a customizable, editable lesson plan template, but I'm uber excited to tell y'all that I have updated and beautified that template! I've also developed two separate layouts of the template so that you can get one that fits your exact needs!

The first layout is the type that I use each week to plan. It hangs vertically on my filing cabinet - I "bind" the pages together using binder clips, then hang the plans on two command hooks.

Here is a preview of that "vertical view" layout:
But if you would rather have more of a "book view" of your lesson plans (like I have with my Curriculum Planning Calendar)... will want my editable, customizable "book view" lesson plan template. This would be more suited to those that want to place their lesson plans in a binder or bind a group of these templates into a book for the school year.
Up close:
So there you have it - two separate layouts for your editing, customizing, lesson planning delight!
Enjoy y'all! Get planning!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

a freebie to brighten this dreary day.

I don't know about your neck of the woods, but our weather today is so sad and dark! We were having some glorious spring weather: sunshine, 80 degrees, idea of heaven on earth! But last night, a cold front reared it's ugly head and now we are back to 40 degree weather and thunderstorms. Yuckity yuck.

Determined not to let this bad weather get the better of me, however, I decided that the perfect remedy would be a quick freebie!

One of my kids' tools they have in their desks (labeled with their name to prevent mix-ups) is a Hundreds Chart. It is a two-sided, laminated document that has a completed Hundreds Chart:
...and a blank Hundreds Chart:
{pardon the darkness and glare - bad picture day!}

The completed Hundreds Chart is a fabulous tool for the kids when they are adding, subtracting, skip counting, etc. - they are constantly pulling it out and using it during their Math Journals and Math Tubs! The blank side is just as useful - now that the kids are getting really familiar with the placement of the numbers on the Hundreds Chart, I allow them to use a dry-erase marker to practice filling in as many numbers from memory as they can! Sometimes, I will challenge them to only fill in the 5's or the 10's or the 2's. They also love to practice finding other number patterns on the chart!

We love, love, love our Hundreds Charts! To get your FREE copy of our Hundreds Chart, head on over to my TPT shop and grab one!

The sun'll come out tomorrow!!

Friday, April 5, 2013

gnarly name plates.

I hate to admit to this, but I'm a bit of a name plate snob. In my "extensive" four years of teaching, I have yet to find myself yearning for teddy bears or gingham apples to adorn my kiddies' desks and lockers. I always wanted something bright, colorful, and cheery for my name plates, but I could never find it in the stores!  In the past, this rebellion against the name plate gods has resulted in me drawing my own name plates, but this year, I decided to begin designing a series of name plates that I could share with y.o.u.

I just finished my first Kindergarten name plate and I couldn't wait to share it with you!

Adorbs, right? I have saved the file so that you can type your kiddos names onto the name plate and format the names according to your heart's desire! After typing out the names, simply print the page on cardstock and you've got yourself a fabuloso name plate. Joy to the world!

To purchase your Kindergarten name plates, head on over to my TPT store and get shopping!

I used to use clear packing tape to affix name plates to my kids' desks, but this year, I chose to print, laminate, and velcro my kids' name plates to their desks and I am LOVING this method! There is no sticky residue from the packing tape and the name plates have lasted all year without me switching them out mid-year!

I know I seem a bit kinder-biased today, but never fear! I have name plates for first and second grade in the works. I also plan to make a more "resourceful" name plate that will feature left and right hands, a number line, the alphabet, etc. I hope for those to be up within the week!

Happy weekend, y'all!