Sunday, January 26, 2014

oh brother, where art thou?

Over a month and no new blog post? Disgust-oid. How did I let this happen? This is how I let it happen. This.

This has been my homepage for the past month. This is the reason why all posting exploits have ceased. However, after much jumping through flaming hoops and placing of heads inside large lions' mouths, we are back online, folks! Turns out my wireless card decided it would rather not live a long and healthy life. But with a new wireless card in tow, we're full steam ahead!

On the upside, it turns out that having absolutely no internet access on my computer makes me an exceedingly productive person! Go figure! Project checklist completion at its finest. Here's a sneak peek at what I've been up to for the past month:

An update to the brass plates on our campaign hutch:

A more neutral color scheme in the den thanks to new shams and new artwork:
{hashtag deuce photobomb}

And a complete re-design of the master bedroom! We're talking new paint color, new headboard, new linens, the works! As we're still in the middle of this projecto, here's a small photog to tickle your intrigue.

As for the teaching world, I've actually begun developing my first set of curriculum units! From farms and shapes to matching and threading, I am so excited to share these preschool units with you!

So stay tuned, patriots, you'll be getting full deets on the projects mentioned above and plenty of preschool updates over the next few weeks!

Happy Sunday Funday to you and yours!