Monday, July 22, 2013

eye candy.

Holy bloggy face lift, Batman! I am beyond thrilled to unveil the newly designed and newly fabulous elementary organization! A humongous, ginormous thank you to Ashley at Ashley Ella Designs! I think we can all agree this girl's got skillz to pay the billz. She is a fellow teacher-by-day (blog-design-superhero-by-night) and also runs a completely adorable blog that you should probably add to your blog roll. Because it's fab, that's why.

As you can tell, I'm still working on editing and populating all of my new pages, but I just HAD to let you join in the celebratory unveiling of the new digs!

So, while there's nothing to read on any of my new pages, you can just go and gaze at the sweet sweet nectar of Ashley's work. I promise I'll have something for you to read on those pretty pages soon.

Thanks again, Ashley! This little blogger owes you big time!

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