Friday, July 19, 2013

hook-ed on pa-honics.

Is it just me, or is everyone and their mom...and dog...and rotten, red-headed, older brother making alphabet posters for the classroom? Well, I suppose we must add a beefy brunette blogger to that list because I, too, have drunk the kool-aid and made a packet of alphabet and phonics posters.

I decided to make a set of alphabet posters with colorful, rainbow-patterned backgrounds: well as 10 consonant digraph/trigraph posters that include the digraphs/trigraphs: ch, ck, dge, kn, ph, sh, tch, th, wh, and wr!

My alphabet posters and consonant digraph/trigraph posters are combined into one pack on TPT! Click here to purchase your own set!

I also made a set of phonogram {vowel combination} posters! These posters are smaller than the alphabet posters and are meant to be hung in columns under their color-coordinated header! For example, all of the ways to spell the pink, long /a/ sounds will go under the pink, long /a/ header...

...all of the ways to spell the long /e/ sound will go under the long /e/ header...

...and so forth! The phonograms included in this pack are: a_e, ai, ar, au, aw, ay, ea, ee, e_e, er, ew, ie, i_e, igh, ir, oa, oe, o_e, oi, oo, or, ow, oy, u_e, ur, and y. In the cases where one vowel combination can "say" two things, both pronunciations are represented (i.e. I have included "ea" as in "eat" as well as "ea" as in "head").

I feel that these phonograms are an ESSENTIAL tool for early readers, writers, and spellers! My kids were constantly looking up at our "Sound Board" to find the sound they needed if they were trying to spell a word or to help them dissect a word when reading. Our Sound Board was right next to our Word Wall (you get a peek of it here)... all of our phonics and word helpers were in the same place!

My phonogram {vowel combination} posters may be purchased in my TPT store as well!

If you would prefer to have BOTH the alphabet/consonant digraph AND the phonogram posters, you may purchase both sets in a bundle here for $1.00 less than buying them separately! Yes, ONE WHOLE DOLLAR!

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