Sunday, May 20, 2012

moving 103.

Y'all. What a big week ahead! Our final week of school AND our final week in the a.p.t.. Mr. Spouse and I couldn't be more ready. Saying that we are beyond ready to move is an understatement. For serious.

Since we are so very close to M-Day, I have pulled my outfits for the next 5 days, and am now ready to pack up my closet.

I wish I were more excited about that fact, but I feel like clothes are the absolute worst thing to move. Can I get an amen?! Right when we started looking at movers, we heard about some local movers that actually bring a wardrobe rack into your home, load up your clothes, and wheel it onto the truck (if that's not genius, I don't know what is). Unfortunately, they were booked, so I had to start looking for a plan B. I considered a couple of things:

  • Mr. Spouse and I weren't too keen on purchasing millions of pricey wardrobe boxes.
  • I didn't want the movers to have to make several trips back and forth between my closet and the truck struggling to carry all of my clothes by hand.
  • I wanted to avoid having my clothes dropped on the way to the truck and I wasn't super thrilled by the idea that my clothes were about to be lovingly embraced by muscly, but rather sweaty, men.
As I was looking through my packing supplies, I remembered that I had this:

Remember how I told y'all in my moving 101 post to get some food service film? During our move, I've used it to wrap a layer of protection around some wall art, we've wrapped our wood furniture to avoid it getting nicked during the move, and now I've decided it will make moving my closet ten times easier. 

Crazy as it sounds, I actually decided to wrap all of my hanging clothes with a couple of layers of food service film.

I am hoping that this will do a couple of things. It will keep my clothes bundled into manageable groups that can be easily grabbed and moved.

By wrapping the film around both the hangers and wrapping underneath my clothes, we won't run the risk of anything slipping out while they are being carried to and from the truck.

The film also gives my clothes a layer of protection from any sweaty arms or dusty truck bottoms they might come in contact with during the move, which keeps me from worrying about ruining any clothes!

  • Mr. Spouse and I weren't forced to spend a fortune on wardrobe boxes - we used supplies we already had to solve my little dilemma. 
  • My clothes won't be dropped, ruined, or sweated upon during the move. (stretch that "v". dot that "i". curl that "c-t-o-r-y")
  • Wrapping my clothes in the film to just as much time as loading them up into some sort of box. It was finished in a jiffy!
6 more days, y'all.


  1. What a great idea! We saved our wardrobe boxes from our move last year, and we plan on using those for when we move in August, when our house is finished being built, but this is a genius idea for the items that won't fit in our boxes!
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  2. I just moved recently but trashbags have always been my go to for the hanging clothes. I cut a small slit in the center of the bottom of the bag, which I put the hangars through (similar to a dry cleaning bag). Most trashbags have the built in drawstrings which I use to secure the items into the bag so that they don't drag or fall out if it comes off the hangar.

  3. I recently moved and use the plastic cover to wrap all my clothes and put it a small box and they fitted quite well in it doesnt require any extra large box for my wardrobe.Even i have opted for Man with a Van London service while moving.