Tuesday, May 22, 2012

change of address cards.

When making a transition to a new house, it is so easy to get bogged down in the large number of entities needing to be notified of your new address. To even live at your home comfortably, you have to speak to the water, gas, and electric companies, have your phone, internet, and cable transferred, change all of your credit card billing addresses, and that's just to get you started. Mr. Spouse has been Mr. Incredible over the past couple of weeks as he's completely handled all of our address changes with the appropriate companies without even batting an eye. Hello, hero!

With all of our "business" address changes taken care of, I got spend time doing what I love, making our change of address cards to send out to friends and family! I actually stumbled upon these cards several months ago. They are a free printable over at Anything But Perfect, and I just knew I had to use them!

They have a text editing feature so you can fill in your personal information and then print them out on heavy cardstock so you can send them as a postcard! Ours are all addressed and ready to be thrown into the mail!

I love that these "We've Moved!" cards will keep all of our family and friends informed of our new address...I just wish I could send the same thing to TXU and AT&T. Unfortunately, I don't think they'd appreciate the "cute" factor quite as much...


  1. Hey Eryn! How did you change the font and color? My computer will only let me type our address and nothing else.

  2. Hi Carla! To be honest, I only had success changing the font, etc. on my mac's Adobe - I couldn't do it on a PC. On a mac, though, download the file, then open it with Adobe. Type in all of your info, highlight your information, then click on "Annotate". Under the "Annotate" menu, you will have all of the regular text editing features you find in Word, etc.

    Hope that helps!