Monday, May 7, 2012

moving 102.

A couple of weeks ago, I introduced you to my beginner tips for moving that will hopefully make packing for your next move as streamlined as possible. Now that we are exactly 19 days away from M-Day (moving day, doy), I am going to give you my pointers for finalizing plans for the actual day of the moving.

As you start accumulating packed boxes, I would suggest taking over a room to start stacking your boxes. While it's no fun to lose an entire room to boxes, at least all of your boxes are in one space! In our case, we have taken over our dining room:

While it looks like madness, here's the breakdown: The open boxes are where we have stored our hanging artwork.

The remaining boxes are stacked according to their size and destination room. With the exception of our garage stack, you will notice that we tried to stack only like-sized boxes in each stack, which will make loading a dolly easy and secure. Further, the boxes stack height does not exceed the height of a dolly so that we won't have any tumbles!

We stacked the boxes by room destination so that we would just have to move the boxes once, rather than rolling the dolly into one room, then shifting the boxes around to their final destination.

We also left a walkway between each row of boxes, just in case we need to locate a box between now and the move.

We have started our second room of boxes (our dining room is more like a "nook"), but with the apartment over 70% packed, I don't foresee us needing any additional space for boxes.

Only 19 more days until esta es la nueva casita!

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  1. Your new home looks lovely....inside and out (I just discovered your blog today and have been catching up - backwards lol). You are a gifted writer and I am enjoying reading about all your wonderful, crafy, diy projects! I wish I had just half of your imagination and energy! Better yet, I wish you lived nearby me! lol