Wednesday, May 9, 2012

diy dreaming.

My poor little brain. It's not used to being so overloaded with information - it's happy with being a simple, occasionally exercised organ. Nothing more, nothing less. But when I have a new casita waiting to be inhabited and a school year to wrap up...mind. blown. Being that all I can do right now is dream, record said dream, and stare at said recording without taking any action as we wait to move in, I shall spill my guts to you fine people so that my noggin can enjoy just a bit of r&r. Deal?

The new house boasts a fabulous semi-great room that encompasses the formal living and dining areas, seen here under previous ownership.

While only a portion of the area is visible, go ahead and imagine in your mind's eye that the happy window you see at the other end of the space is mirrored on the opposite wall. I mean, if two, 6 by 6 paned windows don't spell h.a.p.p.y., I just don't know what does. 

As these are such phenom features in this space, I am really wanting to highlight the windows with a bold striped curtain, and I'm planning on allowing me, myself, and I to carry out the task. The striped curtain is, after all, all the rage:

I have been doing my research, and found several different comprehensive, easy-to-follow tutorials that I'm hoping to mimic. Kelly over at Along the Way used fabric medium and acrylic paint to create her curtains so that she could have the option of washing the curtains in case they ran into Kool-Aid.

Cami, at All Things Lovely, however, used your run-of-the-mill wall paint to create her curtains with equally fantabulous results.

I expect that I will end up using wall paint, rather than a fabric medium, to create our future curtains so I won't have to worry about mixing paints, applying the medium properly, etc.

How do y'all feel about painting curtains? Has anyone tried it before?

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