Wednesday, May 1, 2013

may, may, marvelous may {freebie}.

Why am I so terribly tickled by this funny?

Probably because I spent the greater part of my 13th year singing this line over and over with an aggressive thumb-point to myself, but I don't know.

But what better way to start off the last month of school than with a freebie?

Last year, I showed y'all how I divide my kids up for their small group work (math tubs, reader's workshop, etc.). To go along with my superhero theme, I chose to name my kids' groups after super powers rather than birds, colors, or shapes.

Since then, I have had several requests for copies of my little headers (flight, laser vision, etc.), so today is your day! I have jazzed up the super powers a bit and have placed them in a free pack for your grouping pleasure!
To grab your freebie, head on over to my TPT shop and download away!

Happy Wednesday!

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