Friday, April 26, 2013

two updated lesson plan templates.

Last year, I showed y'all how I lay out my lesson plans each week (right here). Along with that post, I offered a customizable, editable lesson plan template, but I'm uber excited to tell y'all that I have updated and beautified that template! I've also developed two separate layouts of the template so that you can get one that fits your exact needs!

The first layout is the type that I use each week to plan. It hangs vertically on my filing cabinet - I "bind" the pages together using binder clips, then hang the plans on two command hooks.

Here is a preview of that "vertical view" layout:
But if you would rather have more of a "book view" of your lesson plans (like I have with my Curriculum Planning Calendar)... will want my editable, customizable "book view" lesson plan template. This would be more suited to those that want to place their lesson plans in a binder or bind a group of these templates into a book for the school year.
Up close:
So there you have it - two separate layouts for your editing, customizing, lesson planning delight!
Enjoy y'all! Get planning!

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  1. Are the days of the week editable? We only track day numbers (we homeschool, so it's not always Mon-Fri).