Tuesday, March 26, 2013

love me some color-coding.

Do y'all remember my color-coded word wall?

I have absolutely loved how much easier it is for my kids to find the words they need! They think about what kind of word they need (sight word, family word, color word, etc.), then look for that type's color, rather than searching all over the wall for a single word. They dig it, I dig it. Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

Feeling that my Word Wall still needed a little bit of love, however, I did give it a small face lift last summer to make it a bit brighter and happier.

With a little help from my trusty Silhouette, I created a new "Word Wall" header and A-Z letters to alphabetize my words. I also differentiated the vowels from the consonants using different colors of paper.

 I also installed a little "key" to remind my kids what each color means adjacent to the wall:

I absolutely love the updates, and I think the kids do too!!

Wanting EVERYONE to experience the joy that comes with color-coding, I created a Color-Coded Word Wall Kit with ten times the cuteness of mine.

Included in the pack is a key so the kids can know what each color means:

A-Z cards to help organize your word wall in alphabetical order:

Pre-primer, primer, first, and second grade sight words, family words, feeling words, number words, ordinal number words, and color words. All color-coded for you and your kiddies!

I have also included blank cards in each color in case you want to add in some words of your own!

So head on over to my little TPT shop to get a word wall kit of your own, and start prepping your room for next year!

Now go get yourselves nice and color-coded, pals!

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  1. Check out these two color coding sites: www.soundcityreading.com and https://sites.google.com/site/colorthevowels for more color ideas. Try the second site on some remedial kids and watch what happens.