Wednesday, March 13, 2013

a new way to bring organization to your life.

Today, I am glad to present an article written by Matt from SpareFoot detailing the benefits a self-storage unit can provide for those of us still seeking a bit of order in our lives.

“Classrooms, closets, and everything in between.” When I came across Elementary Organization for the first time and saw this slogan, I knew I had to throw in my two cents about being organized.

Getting organized, while I’m sure it’s on most peoples to do list, is not any easy thing to achieve. There are thousands of blogs out there giving advice to people on just how to properly do it because it is such a daunting task. And I am not just talking about organization in your home or office, I mean in your life as general – that concept is a bit too extreme to be elaborated on here but I did want to bring it up.

In this article we will just focus on how you can stay organized in a physical sense as that is the most general issue, and yet probably the most problematic.

So what is the big secret? What is the key to organizing your classroom, closet or home in general, and how do you keep them that way? From my experience when people have a well put together home or office, they usually have a closet or garage that is a disaster, so we want to try and disassociate that.

Thankfully I have found the solution to these problems. Believe it or not, renting a self-storage unit is actually a great way to keep you, your home and all of your possessions neat and tidy.

Traditionally people think of storage units as hoarders paradises that eventually get auctioned off to competitive hustlers. And while that may be true, storage units are also convenient, relatively cheap and come in numerous different sizes, so finding one to fit all your belongings should be no trouble at all.

Despite the fact that storage units are an added expense, which might be why you have held off renting one up to this point, most people that use them find that they are more than worth it.

Thanks to the help of online aggregators, finding a facility with prices in your budget range should just take a few minutes. Also, storage units will usually charge by the month so if after 30 days or so you aren’t happy with your decision (which I don’t think will be the case) you can move out all your stuff without having had sacrificed that much.

Amenities such as climate controlled and 24 hour access are also available. For example, in the summer time a lot of us down here in Texas need climate control to save our things from the unbearable heat.

As mentioned before, storage units come in a wide range of sizes so they could store anything from desks and mattress, holiday decorations and clothes, to bigger things like ATV’s and boats. Anything you need to keep safe and secure (most facilities now will have state-of-the-art security in place) can be placed in one of the many self-storage facility locations.

So, if you are missing some organization in your life and are in need of some room to help with that problem, do some searching around and consider renting a nearby self-storage unit.

This article was written by Matt Schexnayder. Matt is on the marketing team for SpareFoot and writes for the Self-Storage blog. Easily locate self-storage facilities in San Antonio  with the help of online storage aggregators that help you find the best deals on storage units all across the country.

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