Wednesday, January 30, 2013

number o' the day.

For the entirety of our fall semester, my little nuggets were engaged in Morning Meeting as our calendar review, rote math skill review, etc. (a breakdown of which you can find here). They would record our tasks on their own preshy Morning Meeting Boards and for a while it was l-o-v-e.

But as we started closing out our first semester, I could practically HEAR the boredom in my kids' sweet, miniature voices as we recited our days of the week, skip counted, etc. They were more excited about cleaning up from Morning Meeting than actually doing Morning know it's bad when kids would rather clean up the activity than do the activity. #teacherfail

I totally got it - doing the exact same thing over and over each day with no change can become totes yawn-worthy! But I still wanted to have some sort of whole-group, light, math activity to open up our morning...enter Number of the Day.

I created this one-page document as a quick, but skill-packed morning math activity for us to do as a whole group.

Not wanting to waste any more trees, though, I decided to take a screen shot of the document and create a flipchart out of it for our ActivBoard. That way, one kid at a time could come up to the board and complete one of the tasks for our class...

...while the rest of the class completes the task on a white board at the carpet!

Our Number of the Day is the number of days that we have been in school, so while the tasks don't change, the kids are constantly being challenged to manipulate new numbers each day. 

They love seeing the "finished product" each morning - they like seeing all of their individual work pieced together to make a fabulous group product!

I am in love with our new morning math activity and the kids are too!

To pick up your own copy of our Number of the Day page, click here or on the picture below:
The document comes with both a color copy and a black-and-white copy so that you can choose the best way to implement this activity in your class!

What morning activities do y'all do?

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