Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Mr. Spouse and I recently returned from Colorado: the land of sub-zero temperatures and high-quality family time. While the 14 inches of fresh snow made for some nar-nar-pow-pow on the slopes, Frosty wasn't so kind to my Uggs.

No, my Uggs weren't tragic, but they definitely had some grimy spots and weren't looking their best!

As I wasn't particularly willing to go buy the Ugg cleaner, I began doing some research online for homemade cleaning solutions. I found one suggestion to use water and vinegar, but felt like the smell would make me never want to wear my Uggs again (perhaps the editors of Vogue have planted this solution to prevent excessive Ugg wearage). Looking for a solution more pleasing to my olfactory glands, I found this process:

I began by wetting my Uggs with lukewarm water.

I then made a very diluted solution of about 3 tablespoons of dish soap and 8 cups of warm water.

Using a sponge, I gently scrubbed the stained portions of my boots with the soapy water in a circular motion.

Once all of the spots had been scrubbed, I rinsed the boots with warm water.

I then stuffed the boots with wads of newspaper to help absorb the water and give some shape back to the boots.

After 24 hours of open-air drying, my boots were looking rather spectacular!

Perhaps the fashion gods aren't too pleased that my Uggs have been given new life, but I certainly am!


  1. I have thrown mine in the washing machine...luckily all went well!
    The vindgar is very gently and the smell disappears almost immediately.

  2. Perfect! :) -http://lovelifemommywife.blogspot.com/