Monday, November 5, 2012

reading rodeos.

I wanted to show y'all how I manage my kids' reading logs in our classroom - thrilling, right?!

We follow Lucy Calkins' model of a Reader's Workshop, and if you are familiar with my dear Lucy, you know that she's big on having the kids record what they are reading, how long they read, the genre of the texts they read, etc. Since we are still relatively early in the year, my kids and I are just working on recording the titles and authors of all the books they read inside and outside of class.

We have two separate reading logs, one for home and one for school, and with the kids always finishing their logs at different times, I needed some way to collect their logs in an orderly fashion (since "orderly" is my middle name). Enter Reading Log binder.

I made my binder cover using A Year of Many First's Monogram Binder Covers (lurve). I then purchased these numbered Avery labels:

I made a table of contents, so-to-speak, tying each of my kids to a numbered tab... that I can easily file my kids' home reading logs...

...and school reading logs...

...quickly and easily! Oh, how lovely! My binder then lives with a couple of other binders right behind my desk.

While we're on the subject, let's talk about our home reading initiative. Each first grade room has one of these crazy awesome reading lofts (aka tree houses on crack):

When our kids fill up their home reading logs (aka "Reading Rodeos"), they get to move all of their supplies up into the Loft and complete their work up there for the day. Talk about a six year old's dream!

If you would like a FREE, editable copy of our Reading Rodeo...
...head on over to my TPT shop for your own copy!

How do y'all handle your kids' reading logs?

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  1. where were the matching spines for the covers?