Wednesday, April 18, 2012

love is in the air.

Summer is just around the corner (648 hours away, to be exact), and warmer weather makes for warmer hearts with the result that our warmer weekends will be spent doing this:

Raise your hand if you love yourself some weddings! The food, the flowers, the friends, the frolicking - I mean talk about a joyful noise. (I hope you all noticed that "food" trumped all there.)

Not wanting any friend to go un-celebrated, Mr. Spouse and I enjoy us some marital bliss as we head to the stores, print out the 48 page registry, and strive to find the softest monogrammed towels on the block. However, as we started counting down the seconds until we get to celebrate the next two lovebirds in a week, we found a little hitch in our giddy-up. I couldn't remember if I had felt extremely efficient, and purchased a gift for the bride and groom during our last registry-rampage or not! Talk about celebration fail. Luckily, a quick text to the gracious groom allowed us to get our records straight and back in celebration mode.

Rather than suffer the shame of being a terrible friend, I decided I needed a checklist (cue jaw drop). Now, I can record all of the love muffins' wedding, registry, and gift info on one document to make sure that everyone is taken care of! My "Organizational Freak" award has been reinstated.

If you, too, want to spread the love while maintaining your organizational prowess, click here to get your own copy of my "here comes the bride" checklist!

  • No brides or grooms will go un-celebrated during their wedding frenzy.
  • The checklist keeps Mr. Spouse and I on the same page so we both know who has received a gift and who still needs some lovin'.
  • I can keep my checklist on my clipboard so that if I'm out and about, I know exactly who still needs a token of love!

How do y'all manage the summer of love?

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  1. Oh my goodness! Our pile of wedding invitations looks JUST like yours, and I am always trying to remember which wedding I sent a gift for! Thank you so much for sharing!