Saturday, April 7, 2012

currently on my clipboard.

How much do we LOVE clipboards? Mine represents my life pinned to cardboard. True, life would be absolute perfection if I just toted around one of these babies...
...but Mr. Spouse appreciates my more wallet friendly, $0.79 version of a life book. My clipboard usually holds our meal list for the week... ideas that I've jotted down for upcoming blog posts, decor notes that I've seen around and want to pin to Pinterest (noted on a printable from I Heart Organizing), etc...

The other thing that I've added only recently is a "Summer Goals" page.

As we slowly begin closing out this school year, I have begun to jot down ideas of things that I want to work on or improve in over the summer to make next year bigger and better. I think as teachers, we are always wanting to make next year better than the last, right? We might see an idea used by another teacher and want to tweak it for our own room, we might want to fix what didn't work so well with our kids this year, etc.

While a lot of my ideas are pinned to Pinterest, I also like having a specific checklist that I can keep in my bag and refer to when I'm away from my computer. You can download your own "Summer Goals" page by clicking on the image below:

How do y'all organize all the things you want to work on over the summer? Do you feel as inspired/overwhelmed as I do regarding everything you want to do better next year?

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