Thursday, March 15, 2012

spring cleaning {part two}.

My final spring cleaning task took me into one of my favorite rooms - the laundry room. This girl loves her some clean clothes! But how could my clothes really be getting clean if this is what my washing machine looked like?!

That, my friends, is twelve-kinds of disgusting. Let's be honest - with a bleach tray that looks like this:

And a spinner top that looks like this:

And grimy rings on both the basket and the spinner...

...I am seriously wondering if our laundry was ever actually clean. Nasty. But, never fear, friends, because I knew right where to go! Anna over at  not only helped me clean out my Dyson, but she also had five easy steps to cleaning out your washing machine. Hallelujah and praise the good Lord! 

The first step to taking the disgust out of disgusting was to fill up the washing machine with water and mix in two cups of white vinegar.

While the vinegar and water were soaking for one hour, I used paper towels and q-tips to clean out my bleach tray with {shocker} bleach.

I then removed the top of the spinner...

 ...and washed it out in the sink with soap and water. After it was clean and dry, I replaced it, shining like new!

After one hour of soaking the basket with vinegar, I ran the machine through a full cycle to clean out the vinegar. I then refilled the machine and poured in two cups of bleach and let that soak for one hour as well.

After the bleach's hour, I again ran the machine through it's full washing cycle. After it drained, there were still a couple of spots on the basket and spinner that I loosened with a sponge - other than those spots, everything was spotless!

I had a clean spinner...

...and a ringless basket...

...I actually had a clean washing machine again! It looks brand new!

P.T.L. Perhaps my laundry will really and truly be clean now! Seriously - where would my cleaning tools be without Ask Anna?! Talk about life-saver.

  • This project took little to no "elbow grease". The majority of the grit and grime came off with some idle time for soaking!
  • No specialized cleaning solutions were needed - everyone has vinegar and bleach around! 
  • This was a very quick fix to a gross machine!


  1. Will you come clean mine?! Haha thanks for posting, though! It's given me some cleaning inspiration!

    Just Tinkerin Around

  2. My washer is now sparkling thanks to you! It feels so good to have a CLEAN washer!