Monday, March 5, 2012

bagging the luggage.

I don't know about y'all, but between Mr. Spouse and me, we have a piece of luggage for every single occasion. Overnight tote? Check. Rolly bag? Check. Computer case? Check. Backpack? Check. Small, medium, and large cosmetic bag? Check, check, and check. I mean, we act like travel the world daily or something. Don't get me wrong - different occasions call for different types of luggage, yes,  but once it's all in one space, it's just so bulky and space-consuming!

We tried to wrangle all of our luggage onto one shelf, but when we tried retrieving a single piece, we were constantly finding ourselves fearing for our lives and blocking falling luggage. Not O.K.

We had created two stacks: one for our soft-sided luggage...

...and one stack for our hard-sided luggage and excess duffle bags.

Obviously, before we could do any sort of organizing, we needed to prune our collection. We made a donation of a couple of excess backpacks and cosmetic bags and a duffle bag. We also needed to find a better place to store our rolling luggage where it would still be out of the way, but not take up as much usable space. So that with all things said and done, we ended up with one tub of luggage that is easily removed from the shelf making retrieving our luggage a much more enjoyable experience!

We absolutely love having all of our luggage consolidated into one tub, and are really enjoying the ease of getting out and putting away our bags! How do y'all store your luggage? 


  1. We have two wheelie-suitcases and 1 small one - which houses small bags and toiletry bags. Bigger bags goes into the one bigger wheelie. Now we're left with just three pieces, which goes onto a funny built-in shelf we have above a door that used to be a window fifty years ago!

  2. What I do with mine is put all the smaller stuff (tote, computer case, backpack, duffle and cosmetic bags) inside the largest suitcase. It’s nice of you to donate some of your, though.

    Mana Smoot

  3. packing can be such a pain sometimes! I really love my hardside luggage. It can keep everything I want in place and organized