Thursday, March 1, 2012

march and christmas go hand-in-hand, duh.

Some of y'all were with me in January when I confessed that my Christmas cards were still sitting proudly atop our coffee table, and I was just then getting around to finding a way to store them. Little did you know that I would be getting even MORE pitiful when I confessed to you that we just started the month of March, spring's premiere month, and I still did not have my Christmas decorations stored properly. SHAME! 

Some of our Christmas goodies were haphazardly stored in a filing cabinet (yes, a filing cabinet!)...

...while others were gathering warm fuzzies underneath our guest bed!

Happy homes, they were not! But here was my dilemma (and yes, I understand that I should probably be medicated for fretting over such things), I really wanted my Christmas tub to match all of my other storage tubs. I am too color-conscious to approve clear, beautifully labeled tubs sitting next to red and green cardboard tubs. Further, as we discussed the other day, I was nervous that if I got Christmas-specific bins, they would discontinue the bins as soon as our collection started to grow. And we all know how I feel about mis-matched bins
I decided my best bet was to just get my standby, clear tubs and then find dividers to keep our ornaments safe. Since Christmas is so far gone, I could not find any ornament-specific, cardboard dividers, but I did think that I could make these drawer organizers from Container Store work.
The size of each compartment could be adjusted at any time, allowing me to make bigger and smaller compartments depending on ornament size. Further, the dividers came in two different heights, so I could get one set for my larger ornaments and one set for my small ornaments.

After putting together my taller dividers, I then began filling each compartment. You will notice that the dividers did not extend the width of my tub, so I just used that space for over-sized and excess ornaments and boxes.

To separate the layers, I simply cut a sheet of poster board in half, laid it on top of the dividers, and created my next level for my smaller ornament dividers.

I finally created a third layer with the other half of my poster board. On this top layer, I put all of my boxed ornaments, our Christmas cards, and our severely over sized ornaments.

Thus, creating a three-layered Christmas tub that fits perfectly on our little storage shelf!

Of course, no storage solution is complete without the perfect label...

  • All of our Christmas decorations are now in one location that makes sense (no longer living underneath the bed).
  • By using a universal, clear tub, we can be sure that as our collection grows, we can expand to more clear tubs and not have to worry about if our Christmas tubs have been discontinued each year.
How do you store your Christmas decorations? Are yours spread out throughout your house like ours were?

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