Wednesday, August 29, 2012


You know you wanna bust out like Aretha right now. Admit it.

I wanted to quickly share an anchor chart I created yesterday with my class. Last week, one of our fab new teachers shared that a former colleague of hers only had one rule in her room: show respect. My favorite! Keep it simple, yet fabulous! Underneath that umbrella of showing respect, she then broke down different people and places that deserve our respect!

While our class already had our rules for the year, I loved the idea of discussing different ways we can show respect to people and places! So, the little muffins and I sat down and had a little chat about showing respect to our friends, teachers, parents, school, and ourselves. We brainstormed ways to show each of these entities that we respect them! Here's the poster we came up with:

I hung up our respect anchor chart right next to our rules so that we can be easily reminded of ways to show respect!

Happy Wednesday, amigos!