Sunday, March 30, 2014

the master is mellowed.

The tragedy that was our master bedroom is now a thing of the past, thank ya, Jesus.

Y'all saw a few weeks ago that we tackled the raised stripes that so lovingly adorned all four walls and ended up being exceedingly daring by painting our room a vibrant shade of....WHITE!

Bold, I know, but if Martha Stewart thought it was good enough to add to her paint line, it was good enough for me...and color-blind Mr. Spouse. Luckily, with this room, painting was the only un-fun part of the process. The rest was just decorating! Hoo-ah!

We snagged some bedding on sale from Pottery Barn (don't tell Phoebe Buffay), and since we finally decided to buy some big boy and girl furniture, we also purchased a new upholstered headboard from Wisteria (it took all I had not to outfit the entire room in Wisteria). I also grabbed a fabulously-trellised rug during one of Rugs USA's rockin' sales. All that put together gives us....

Sweet goodness, we finally have a big kid room! Who knew? Let's take a closer look, shall we?

I mean, it actually looks like real, live adults live here, y'all. The hardest things for us to find were definitely the nightstands. The Mr. really dug the idea of mirrored nightstands, but they were so stinking expensive that it took us a while to find a pair that fit our space and our budget. We ended up snagging a pair of nightstands for $150 on Craigslist. I could have kissed Craig and his list.

My other favorite find was this set of onyx cross-sections I found in Wisteria's "flea market". I am completely obsessed with the black matte and even more obsessed with the fact that it was originally $350 for the set and I got them for $120.

I am still absolutely loving our bedding as well. I was a wee bit nervous about having white bedding with navy piping knowing that I couldn't bleach it if needed, but really it's been easy to maintain and I haven't had any problems with keeping it clean. As for the shams, an unbelievably talented friend monogrammed the navy shams for us, and wanting a little pop of color, I made the two orange shams!

It's amazing what buying big-kid furniture can do for a room, amen?



Happy Sunday, y'all!

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