Wednesday, March 12, 2014

mellowing out the master.

As you can tell from my post about our den, I kind of took a drink from a fire hydrant when it came to geometric prints and loud colors when we first moved.

Not really knowing my style or what I wanted for this house, I decided to go with what was hip and cool and now, followed the trends, and let those trends vomit all over my poor little house in the cheapest way possible. Welcome to life with a wannabe-style-diva-newlywed.

But as we continue to settle into this house, I'm finding that whites and greys are classically gorgeous "colors", I love pops of color in exceedingly restrained amounts, and it's okay to spend a little money on your house if you're spending it on the right pieces. Just like my momma taught me with clothes - spend the extra Ben Franklin on the black, patent pumps, not the extra plate for your crimping iron.

You saw a couple of weeks ago that I made a few changes to our den to help calm it down a smidge.

But now it's time to talk master bedroom. Back story: When we got engaged and starting planning life under the same roof, I completely blanked when it came to decorating our master bedroom. Why? Who stinking knows. For some reason, it just flustered me. What linens do boys AND girls like equally? Plaid? Stripes? Small florals? Solids? Navy? Green? I mean COME ON. I wanted the Mr. to enjoy this room just as much as I did, right? So again, not knowing what to do, I decided to go the cheapeast route possible. I snatched a headboard from my mom's garage, grabbed some shams and curtains from Target and a duvet cover off the sale rack at Pottery Barn. Winning combination?

I'm gonna go with no. Gender neutral colors? Sure. Stripes, florals and solids all represented? You betcha. Winner winner chicken dinner? Euh.

Let's break this down, shall we? Our master bedroom contained: a duvet cover that didn't even cover the sheets, wedding and candid pics adorning the walls...
{You can see I already got the itch to re-do this room with my paint swatches on the wall.}

...a tragically traditional, too-small rug that we got only because it was $75 (still overpaid if you ask me)...

...iron pieces on the other wall, because hey, we've already sunk this low.

I think it's safe to say that this room needed a complete overhaul. And I'm happy to say that I think we gave it that. We decided to spend a bit of money on this room to buy some high-quality, classic pieces that we can use for years, invested in some linens that actually covered our bed, and really took our time finding exactly what we wanted. 

But before all of the fairies and butterflies could come in and magically transform the room, it had to get ugly. And I mean really ugly. Because some previous owner in all of their infinite wisdom decided that two feet of one-inch stripes around the room would be the best design option for the space. See them?

Cute, right? We'll talk about the paint choice in a bit, but for now, we HAD  to get those stripes off the wall! It wasn't that the color was seeping through - the actual raised stripes were visible ALL THE WAY AROUND THE ROOM. Lovely. 

So that meant sanding. A lot of sanding.

I used a 150 grit sand paper on my electric sander and very lightly moved the sander in a circular motion in an attempt to remove the raised stripe without stripping the texture of the wall. I just didn't have it in me to re-texture the entire room. Who does?

I'm happy to say that after a few hours of light sanding, the wall had evidence of variously colored stripes, but no raised surfaces. Hallelujah, praise the Lord! Now all that was left to do was paint, paint paint! We decided to go with Martha Stewart's Picket Fence from Home Depot. After all that color from the bedding in the room, we really wanted a completely clean slate, and this paint color helped get us there. It's white (how daring) with more grey/blue undertones which we liked considering our plans for new bedding, etc. After a couple of coats, we were looking new, fresh, and ready for an overhaul!

More on this update soon, but for now, a lovely, SMOOTH, blank canvas. Glory be.

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