Saturday, June 9, 2012

oops, i did it again.

Y'all. The Campaign Kool-Aid struck again. Only, this time, it struck on a smaller scale. Mr. Spouse and I were needing a coffee table in our formal living room, and ever since I saw this Ikea Lack Hack on Little Green Notebook, I've been dreaming of making it a reality in our casita. It would be a cheap, yet oh so stylish answer to our coffee table-less living room.

I made a quick run out to Ikea and snagged this little Lack table for $12.99.
I went with the high gloss gray because our formal living and dining room are more like a great room, so our fabulous new campaign hutch is visible from the living room... I wanted to pull the gray from our campaign hutch and have it reflected (quite literally) in our coffee table.

On the way home from Ikea, I also ran through Home Depot and got 2 packs of four of these brass corner pieces for a little under $3 a pop.
I don't know if you're counting or not, but that brings my running total for my about-to-be-fabulous coffee table to $19 total. Que bueno.

I started by unwrapping my Lack table (where I seriously questioned my intelligence - who knew shrink wrap could be so formidable?)...

...then I screwed in the legs...

Once the table was constructed, I then affixed a brass corner piece to each of the corners on the table as well as the bottom corners of the legs using small brass furniture nails:

Seven minutes later, our living room had a new resident:

The sad, wire urn is still in desperate need of flowers (eh-hem, Mr. Spouse), but the table is fabulous by itself, wouldn't you say?

So, welcome to the neighborhood, you $19 coffee table, you. We're glad you're here!


  1. OMG so pretty!!! What a wonderful idea. You are so lucky to be able to run to IKEA!! The closest one to me is 2 hours away. Boo! :)

  2. In my hometown, the IKEA store and Home Depot are in the same large lot...pretty smart! lol.