Wednesday, February 15, 2012

conquering the bathroom cabinet.

I think it’s a disease that all girls have: the I-have-all-of-this-bathroom-cabinet-space-so-I-need-to-pack-it-to-the-gills-if-it-kills-me disease. It’s not a bad disease, it’s just a girl disease. We like our body washes and bath salts, our specialized hair products and travel-sized accessories. No denying, they are all God’s gift to man. The problem is created when we acquire too many of those indispensable sussies and we are no longer using our space efficiently.

You can see, that I had a BIG case of the I-have-all-of-this-bathroom-cabinet-space-so-I-need-to-pack-it-to-the-gills-if-it-kills-me disease.

This cabinet held all of my “bulk” items (I buy my shampoo, body wash, etc. at Sam’s, so always have 4-5 bottles of each – great price, horrible storage) as well as my travel gear, sunscreen, etc. It was essentially a catch-all for anything I don’t use on a daily basis.

While I was at Target grabbing baskets for my dreaded over-the-microwave calendar facelift, I got a couple extra so I could tackle my bathroom in one fell swoop. I sorted my sussies into “bulk”, “sun”, “travel”, and “miscellaneous” items. After creating some adorbs labels, all of my bulk items are now contained in one big basket:

All of my travel gear is here:

And sun skincare items are here:

So that in a lovely stack in front of the bulk items, we have (don’t mind the glare – I needed a flash, but couldn’t eliminate the glare):

Target only had a limited number of the green baskets (my faves), so I figured that 2 aqua baskets could sandwich the lovely green and no one would be too upset.

Each basket is easily stacked and removed making access to all of my items easy and efficient! Victory indeed.

Do you have the I-have-all-of-this-bathroom-cabinet-space-so-I-need-to-pack-it-to-the-gills-if-it-kills-me disease? How do you wrangle all of your bathroom goodies?

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